K&T Biotech. continues to exchange and cooperation with relevant research and development institutions at home and abroad, and as a bridge between the market and research and development, continue to play a leading role in the field of biotechnology applications, but also welcome the relevant cooperation and development, based in Taiwan, look at the world, together to create a new century of biological enterprises.。


Mr. Sean Kang, CEO of K&T, and Monte Jade Science and Technology Association of Taiwan interns from National Taiwan University, Chengchi University, Chung Hsing University and Taipei University discussed career and study planning


its brand Neo Lure served as the souvenir of the Taiwan Science and Technology Association-Xiaoyushan University Students’ Mainland Visit Program


In May, Mr. Kang, the CEO of K&T, together with professors such as Union, 301 Hospital, Friendship Hospital, Air Force General Hospital, Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Inspection and Quarantine Institute, Tsinghua, Huanong, South China Institute of Technology, Xiamen University School of Medicine, Beijing Technology and Business University… Research the application of peptides in cosmetics.


Sean Kang the CEO of K&T, Dr. Monika from Germany, Dr. Lucrang from France, and Dr. Li Weizhe from Taiwan jointly served as consultants of the Chinese Anti-aging Promotion Association-Natural Therapy Branch


K&T invites Dr. Quanshun Zhang from Institute for In Vitro Sciences to visit Taiwan to exchange talents with K&T Biotech and various industries


K&T and the teachers and students of South China Agricultural University-Coffee Salon Simple Forum


K&T and its brand Biospell agents, co-sponsored the [Wing News Happiness-Culture Deep Cultivation] Newspaper Clipping Competition for Primary and Middle School Children


Representatives of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change visited K&T


The CEO of K&T was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the 4th Xiaoyushan Coordinator Plan


Invited to Shanghai to participate in the 2017 Annual Conference of China Fragrance, Flavor and Cosmetic Industry Association