【Activities】Technology Communication Networking Entrepreneurship Knowledge – YMJ Xiaoyushan Seventh Contributor Program Completion Ceremony


【Activities】K&T X The 10th Chiayi True Love Cup Street Dance Competition Rebirth


【Activities】K&T sponsored the 16th graduation exhibition “Neon Day” of Providence University to help train cosmetic professionals


【Activities】 K&T and its brand Neo Lure co-sponsor the National Taiwan University x Taipei Medical University Cup Sports Competition


【Activities】K&T Chief Executive Officer Sean Kang and Monte Jade Science and Technology Association of Taiwan interns to discuss the career and study planning: by Taiwan University, Political University, Chung Hsing University and Taipei University interns, with the executive director to explore the career end: slash life, brand loyalty, self-positioning, life and learning plans.


【Activities】Its brand Neo Lure, as Taiwan Monte Jade Science and Technology Association of Taiwan University Students Mainland Visit Program companion ceremony, continue to support young people’s exchange and learning and interaction!


【Cooperation】Chief Executive Officer of K&T Biotech Mr. Kang, Concord, 301 Hospital, Friendship Hospital, Air Force General Hospital, Beijing Central Hospital, Inspection and Quarantine Institute, Tsinghua University, Hua Nong, South China Science and Technology, Xiamen University Medical College, Beijing University of Commerce and Industry. Professors such as Sheng peptides are used in cosmetics.


【Cooperation】K&T Biotech and South China Agricultural University teachers and students hold a simple forum, for the academic and industrial links, towards the cooperation between industry and education and innovation and development.


【Activities】K&T Biotech and its brand Biospell


【Notice】Be representative of K&T Biotech, our executive warmly welcomed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change for visiting, to discuss biotechnology development and in-depth cooperation.