K&T Biotech Application Inc.

Company Profile

K&T Biotech Application Inc.(below as K&T Biotech). In 2004, in response to the advent of the era of biological matter, a biotechnology product application company was founded by cell and molecular biologists, doctors, doctors of biomedicine, marketing experts and other professionals in the fields of biotechnology. Our corporate mission is integrates varieties of technologies, and then through scientific and technological management implementations. The product is quickly integrated from researches and developments, productions to products formation, providing consumers with a better price-performance ratio.


The team has integrated biomedical materials, genetic engineering, cell and molecular biology, and beauty care product technologies through solid industry experiences, and has provided the raw materials to key raw materials for foundries of world-renowned brands such as L'Oreal, Estee Lauder, La Prairie, etc. And help Taiwan's famous enterprises such as state-owned enterprises, famous direct sellers, medical, beauty salon, Cosmeceuticals, TV shopping and other brands to provide technology, semi-finished products and finished products.

Focusing on the era of the biological industry, using biological materials to apply technology and life to improve the living conditions of human beings, Taiwan K&T Biotech will continue to work to cooperate with scientific research institutions, integrate technology to provide excellent cost-effective products and create the benefits of related partners, and the best Commodities for consumption.







Sean Kang


Cell molecular and quantum biology expert Sean Kang

Long-term and scientific research institutions have a relationship of technical exchanges and cooperation, from time to time imported domestic and foreign related applications and technology developments.
The Company combined with domestic and foreign biotechnology researches and developments, maintenance products research and developments, planning and marketing and other outstanding talent for many years of valuable practical experiences, and jointly create a better vision for the future.
Because of the common concepts, so that the entire management team with the most professional, sincere, kind and efficient ways to serve customers and businesses around the world.

K&T Biotech Continue to communicate and cooperate with relevant research and development institutions at home and abroad, and serve as a bridge between the market and research and development, continue to play its strengths in the field of biotechnology, and welcome related cooperation and development, based in Taiwan, looking at the world, and jointly creating a new century of biological enterprises.